Early or later some of Internet users meet the problem when they simply can’t enter this or that web site. It happens if its owner doesn’t want you to do it because of your posts. May be you’ve posted too much or one of your posts was not very nice. Anyway the result will be […]

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of proxy servers these days. They act like some link between the web and the user so it can be installed on a computer or network. Originally they were used for hastening web browsing. However a person can use proxies for a wide range of other different functions. […]

It happens these days workers and students can’t get access to the necessary information. It is because a principle, a boss or even a government won’t like you to visit this or that web-page. Of course such a situation can annoy very much. Fortunately there are many ways to destroy these restrictions and go to […]

It is very common for people nowadays to hide their identity in order to keep in a secret the pages they visit. It’s a great opportunity to look for any sort of information at home or especially at work. There are several ways to do this. Some users prefer single proxy while others choose multiple […]

Linux is an Networking OS out of the box. Now you can Learn how to configure Squid Proxy Server in Redhat Linux 5, a Linux Distribution which is being used for networking primarily in corporate segment. As such, it provides multiple users with Internet access so that they can surf simultaneously, or establish flawless data […]

Using VPN/HTTP tools you can protect not only your IP address, but encrypt the entire data traffic. Does it sound good, right? First of all, to VPN: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is, as the name implies, a private network. Therefore, it is treated as every local network, but it only exists […]

When it comes to question “how proxy firewall works” there are situations, when the activation of security suites represent a temporary workaround for connection problems. Most firewalls, proxies (or other methods to share the Internet connection) can limit the access to PC ports. Operating according to your configuration can block packets you receive from an […]

Surf anonymously, can it make your day? Here is the answer, and it is of course only partly true… just because by the IP one can usually track who was the author of an undesirable action. Insofar this method is suitable only to circumvent barriers or to disguise the actual terminal, and it definitely remains […]

Squid is a free proxy server that supports the network protocols you may need for a worry free Internet experience, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP over HTTP, or Gopher. Want to learn how to configure squid proxy server in Centos 6? With ease. If you want to set up Squid on your Linux box, proceed as […]

In large networks, the proxy settings often take control over the connection to the Internet. But if there is need for a direct connection to the network, you should turn off the proxy. So, how to disable proxy settings in Windows 8? Here are the answers. Especially in large enterprise networks, the proxy is used […]