Find Out How to Bypass Proxy

It is very common nowadays for the chief’s desire to control the activities of the workers. The most widespread way to do this is certainly blocking their access to some sites. It also happens that this or that page is simply unable to some people. However it is possible to destroy existent restrictions and visit the Web page you need. So if you want to find out how to bypass proxy, go on reading and follow these simple tips.

First of all try to go on a proxy list site as a plenty of them offer links to proxy servers. Among the most popular are Top Proxy, and of course It should be mentioned that such sites are updated very often that means a person can easily choose a proper proxy by the country, reliability and speed.

After that you should pick a proxy which is for sure suitable for your needs. Some of them are really fast so you will receive the information quickly while others take some more time. Mind that there are administrators who don’t allow users to get the information from some countries. In this case a person should choose a proxy server which is positioned in the category non-restricted country.

Last but not least, enter the website address in a special space on the proxy’s website. After clicking the button called “Start browsing”, you’ll be able to use a separate window as a usual page.

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