You want to know how to set proxy in Windows 7? It is easy!



Windows Explorer forgets its settings… Be honest, how often have you faced the Error Message? What is the reason for this apparent bug?

Unfortunately, there are certain factory defaults, which since Windows 2000 drag on like a red thread through all the operating systems without making a stop even in front of Windows 7: the number of performable Folder Settings here is still limited to 400. If this number is exceeded, Windows 7 sets them back to factory defaults, so that your proxy setting are getting lost, most likely…

It is actually the view settings options, eg Details, Tile, Icons, Arrangement, etc.

We achieve this through: Tools > Folder Options > View.

If we constantly change these settings over a long period of time, it is therefore only a matter of time before Windows rejects our settings and sets them back to default, just because the maximum number of permissible settings has reached 400.

There are several ways to change this. Either manually via the corresponding registry entries that we do not want to talk of this time, or by one of the comfortable fix tools from Microsoft:

Microsoft Fix it KB813711

This tool not only solves the problem, it also simultaneously sets the number of possible entries to 5000, so that we get a lot more flexibility for our settings in Windows Explorer and Windows 7.

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