How to Hide Proxy IP Address

Every online user should note that every time he is connected to the Internet, he is assigned IP address. This public address is used to determine your computer and network whenever you visit a particular website or looking for necessary resource. Moreover your IP address is also transmitted and kept in log files which are used by targeted and remote servers. In other words every time you start surfing the net from your home PC or working laptop you leave a trail of your online operation and activity which can be easily tracked and monitored.

In case you want to avoid such trace, you should note that it is actually impossible to completely hide your IP address. However there are some efficient ways that will make it possible for you to keep anonymous while browsing the web. You will not be able to hide it from all servers. But the majority of them will not be able to see the trail. The easiest way is to use anonymous proxy. Such service is available for all online users without any exception.

What is anonymous proxy?

This is a special type of server which is mainly used by clients in order to hide their public IP address. It has the same operation structure as well as any other proxy server. In other words it acts as intermediary between targeted or remote server and client on behalf of client. The only difference is that it indicates its own IP address while forwarding request on a specific resource or web page.

In case you want to use this type of proxy, you will only have to check with configuration of your PC as well as additional software which is used by your client. You can choose from wide range of anonymous proxies which are available in the internet for every online user. However if you use it, it is necessary to keep in mind that it may have a negative influence on traffic speed as well as reliability and protection. At the same time using anonymous proxy may also result in speed problems and traffic limits. That is why you are recommended to think twice before using such service. You need to determine whether hiding of your IP address worth all that disadvantages. Also pay attention that you will also be asked to pay additional fees for using such services.

Other Possible Tools

If you do not want to use anonymous proxy which can lead to various problems and make your internet browsing as uncomfortable as possible, you may benefit from various other tools. They are also aimed on helping users to hide their public IP address. The most popular browsers have several extensions. For example, Firefox offers its extension called switchproxy. The main idea is that extension is using a pool of servers and changes them within a specific period of time.

At the same time you can also manage your privacy while surfing the net. Cookies management can also turn out to be rather handy in such occasion. In other words clients are recommended using special encryptions while sending personal data on request of a particular web age of resource. Firewall will also be rather useful tool as well as additional online techniques.

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