What to Do if You are Banned From a Site

Early or later some of Internet users meet the problem when they simply can’t enter this or that web site. It happens if its owner doesn’t want you to do it because of your posts. May be you’ve posted too much or one of your posts was not very nice. Anyway the result will be the same: you are banned that’s all. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t agree with such a decision and are sure it is not justified. However you shouldn’t get upset and give up as the solution does exist. It is here and we’re going to prove it.

Some users try to delete all cookies and create a new account but still fail. It happens because site banned not only their name and password but also IP Address. Never mind and continue to struggle.

Mind there are some options to overcome the following problem very quickly. To begin with you can go out and find any Wi-Fi zone but mind it can be not very convenient. Moreover it is not very safe as security is low. Next you can get a new Internet provider but it will of course cost some money. One more option is using a proxy service that can suggest a wide range of various servers. It is a great solution for your problem as you will be able to change IP Address any time when it will be necessary.

You need to do several easy steps to continue surfing favourite web sites. First of all you should delete cookies and then sign in using a proxy server. Next you must create a new account from proxy IP address. It means you need to make a new username as well as a password. After that you’ll receive an access to the site. You can even repeat these actions in case you will be unlucky again. Just use another proxy server for getting a new address.

It should be also mentioned that there is one more benefit of bypassing banned sites. All your information is coded when using a reputable proxy service so you will be protected for 100 % even if you use a public hot spot. You’ll be also safe from other people who use some free proxies as communication lines are never controlled.

Finally you can see a proxy server is a wonderful solution in case someone has banned you from this or that site. Just follow mentioned above simple steps and you’ll get and access to the whole world. Try and check it is not difficult at all.

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